"That bitch Nancy deserved it"- Austin 101

Austin 101 was a Canadian WrestlingForum poster who was a member from July 2007 to May 2010.  He also thought he was Dave Meltzer.  He mainly frequented the DVD thread, where he posted his long-winded reviews that contained play-by-play details of every move in every match that he reviewed.  It is not confirmed if anyone actually ever read his reviews.

Austin 101 was a big fan of Chris Benoit and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  His FAVORITE wrestler was Macho Man Randy Savage.  He was also a fan of Canadian Pro Grapplers in Bret and Owen Hart.  It is not confirmed if he was a fan of Wade Barrett or not.

It is rumored that Magic (Austin 102) is his brother.

"I loved the opinions."Edit

On April 30th, 2010, Austin101 has a p. big meltdown in the DVD thread and his comments were later into the Classic Rants section.  It started off with:

"Hello everybody, this is my final night on the forum.
I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for reading and commenting on my reviews.
Where I'm going doesen't matter but I'll miss you all."

Not feeling any concern, YEAH1993 just posted "Lesnar/Taker ****3/4" in the midst of Austin101 wishing to drink a Pepsi with Owen Hart.  It is not known whether or not CM Punk came after Austin 101 for stealing his Pepsi gimmick.

"No I'm very serious, this is my last night.
And before a bunch of people judge me, they have no right to because I feel I am doing what's best for ME even if it is one of the most selfish acts.
Being me isn't easy when you live with bipolar disorder yet you look and act like a genuine person.
So it's all going to happen tommorow in about 22 hours from this post when people leave my house.
I'm not looking for sypmathy but I'll definitely tell each and every one of you wheteher you hated me or loved me, I loved the opinions.
Keep going strong, and maybe...just maybe I'll be drinking a Pepsi with Owen Hart tommorow night.
God Speed"

Austin 101 would continue rambling before ending his breakdown with:

" I love this place. I love you all, and we`ll go back to ratings matches....someday...."

WWE DVD News and DepartureEdit

Austin 101 WORKED THE MARKS and made his debut on the website WWE DVD NEWS a couple of months later.  On that website, he posted his reviews and that was about it.  On February 22nd, 2012, Austin 101 and WWE DVD NEWS parted ways.  It is widely believed that Austin 101 decided to leave WWE DVD NEWS because Randy Savage was not inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.