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Dub working hard.


DUB is a die-hard Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan and prominent McDonalds employee.  He is often blamed by fellow Angel fans for Mike Trout getting fat during the offseason, but this nasty rumor has not been confirmed by Buster Olney and ESPN.  When he was questioned about his role in Mike Trout's weight gain, he simply responded: "no." 

X-Face's BreakdownEdit

DUB's mother was degraded by X-Face during his breakdown in the chatbox a couple of weeks ago.  It is not known as to whether or not he has forgive
Part 7 (DUB'S MOM)
n X-Face for this.

Obsession with LaylaEdit

It is not known exactly when Dub's obsession with WWE Diva Layla started, but it has become quite an unhealthy obsession.  It was reported that when Layla lost the WWE Divas Championship in September 2012, he refused to report to work for nearly two weeks.  Because of this, he lost his managerial position at McDonalds and as of April 2013, he is now just another run of the mill employee who works the cash register. 

Dub met his idol at a Los Angeles club in early 2013.  When Layla asked what he did for a living, he replied: "McDonalds."  Nobody knows for sure what happened after this, but Layla was seen walking out of the club and yelling at her bodyguard "why did you let that man near me." 

Despite this setback, Dub continues to be obsessed with Layla and still plans to make her his wife one day.