GOON (AKA Goon the Legend, GOON X, and the SON OF LIBERTY) first joined WrestlingForum in January 2010.  Ever since he joined, he has been one of WrestlingForum's staunchest Wade Barrett defend
F0040130-Man steering yacht-SPL
ers (outside of Pyro) and WrestlingForum's biggest Rand Paul mark.  He is currently a member of TEAM LIBERTY alongside CamillePunk and Redead.

Outside of WrestlingForum, he is known yacht enthusiast.  He has claimed to have sailed the seven seas with people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Vince McMahon, and Donald Trump.  He is also a good friends IRL with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer.     

Also recognized by many to be the richest member currently active on WrestlingForum.  His net-worth isn't known but according to Dave Meltzer it's "'s just one of those things you just can't understand unless some research into it and uh...he's richer than most...but I wouldn't go as to say he's the RICHEST haha.  Like I said, it's just one of those things."

The YACHT IncidentEdit

On May 29th, 2012, it was reported that someone stole GOON's yacht.  There were multiple posters w

DAMNING~! evidence provided by RUSH as to who stole GOON's yacht.

ho were originally suspected of taking part in this dasterdly deed such as: Danthree, Ghetto Anthony, CamillePunk, Klebold, Trouble Trouble, and DUB.  As the story developed, some evidence was found in the Member Pictures thread when Mr. Snrub said "i would...steal your yacht."  After some intense negotiations, Mr. Snrub came to an agreement with GOON to return his yacht.  Before Snrub could do so, he had to "wipe his shit off the walls" and claimed to have had "some really skanky females" on the yacht

The yacht was returned on May 30th, 2012 after GOON sent $2,000,000 to Mr. Snrub via PayPal

Known EnemiesEdit


~guru of wrestling

~Dwayne Johnson

Other Known Facts:

GOON is also known by few (who think for themselves) as being biggest troll rants section has ever seen. Luckily his trolls days are over for now and we won't see him in WF any time soon....

GOON simply vanished one day. Conspiracies surrounding his sudden disappearance still haunt reptilian investigators to this day. Some say David Icke eliminated GOON because he was giving him a bad name, while others suggest that grey aliens weren't to pleased about him giving reptilians all the attention and not them so they kidnapped him. It is believed that grey aliens are also responsible for taking GOON's "yacht". few years ago GOON has been spotted crying like a little girl over this "yacht's" disappearance but it is said that reptilians comfort him from time to time and will get together a team to get it back once it is safe for GOON(and for others) to re-enter the society after a long (anit trolling) rehab session.

We all hope best for the GOON in all his future endeavors