ice_edge was a Swedish poster on WrestlingForum.  He was mostly known for being a massive spaz and his wacky conspiracy theories.  He disappeared for a couple of months towards the end of 2012 and it was assumed that he was abducted by aliens.  He made his return in early 2013, but his profile was deleted a couple of months later.  His deletion from WrestlingForum has caused many conspiracy theories to be unleashed upon the world. 

Conspiracy TheoriesEdit

ice_edge was an advocate of conspiracy theories and was a known fan of David Icke and Alex Jones.  He was a staunch believer of the New World Order conspiracy theory, as well as the theory of 9/11 being an inside job.  It is unknown as to whether or not he believed in David Icke's theory of Reptilian Shape-Shifters.  GOON tried to confront him on it after watching a Youtube documentary on it, but ice_edge refused to comment.

Conspiracy Theories about ice_edgeEdit

It is thought by some that ice_edge was "controlled opposition" by the Illuminati.  Those who advocate this theory believe he was sent to WrestlingForum by the POWERS THAT BE to give conspiracy theorists a bad name and once he outlives his usefulness, he was deleted. 

A very niche group believes that ice_edge never existed at all.  In fact, "ice_edge" was just a creation of our imaginations where our subconscious projected our doubts about society into a post written by a member named "ice_edge."  Once we were all "cured", "ice_edge" stopped posting because we no longer had those thoughts in our brain.