Craig Klebold (born 1996 in Coventry, England), known professionally as Klebold or KleboldWF, is a professional moron.

Early LifeEdit

Klebold was born to two loving parents but unfortunately they passed away in mysterious, tragic circumstances. Craig went to a foster home until he was 14 when he amicably went on his own path and started on his journey to Wrestling Forum immortality and worldwide notoriety. (2009-11)Edit

Klebold joined the forum in December 2009 and posted mainly about his beloved TNA. After being bullied and subsequently banned he successfully committed suicde, prompting Jason Martin, his foster father, to join the forum and inform the world of the sad news. Thankfully, Klebold made a triumphant comeback on February 21, 2011 after weeks of vignettes on YouTube where he addressed the members who forced him into suicide.

Fame, Ban and LegacyEdit

After finiding fame with the burials which became legendary Klebold became a cross-market success. His presence on Twitter and YouTube was on par with some of the biggest acts on the internet. He would go on to record three hit singles under the KlebMusic label and also start his own clothing line - KlebThreads. Despite being banned Klebold, who had several alternate accounts, including that of Shock - a moderator - Klebold kept the forum updated on his videos and became the hottest talking point of the decade.

Shock RevelationEdit

In 2013 it was revealed that Klebold had masqueraded as a moderator the whole time, controlling, among dozens of others, the "Shock" account. An inquest was held asking how WrestlingFourm admins didn't spot this and how stupid they were to not see it. 


In August, 2013 Klebold responded to a question on Twitter asking (by a Klebold alt) "when will u return to wf pls rt your my hero craig" by posting "Hmmm... what do we think, guys?". The tweet was totally ignored. 

In an interview with GQ magazine Klebold was tight-lipped on his future, but sad that "no one really gives a shit, but I will bother them anyway". The interviewer fell asleep before Klebold finished the sentence. 


- 1001 People Who Want to Set Me On Fire (2011)

- How I Got Such Stupid Glasses (2011)

- 2047 People Who Want to Set Me On Fire (2013)

List Of BurialsEdit

- Stepped on a piece of gum once. Gum couldn't handle Klebold. Stcuk to his shoe and continues to make a 'click' noise whenevr he walks, but gum couldn't handle Klebold. Headliner is a piece of shit.