Allegedly how Magic reacts every time the Lakers win a game.

Magic (aka Kingslayer, Red Viper, wwetna1, walls, UnDeFeatedKing, Showtime, or w/e he decides to be called) is a Canadian WrestlingForum poster, as well as a Sand Nigger.  He is a bandwagon fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, which he makes well known throughout the forum, despite having never actually been to, or remotely near, Los Angeles. He is also known for his overuse of the Kobe Bryant smilies, and recognised as a the greatest Mafia player in the history of the internet and has had made Scrilla his bitch several times in the mafia section as well as in the chatbox. Magic is also a below-par player at NBA 2K13. 

It is safe to assume that Kobe Bryant is his favorite basketball player of all time, along with other Laker greats that he has seen and watched. His loyalty goes far beyond that of even LA locals who more or less are fair weather fans that really don't know two shits about the time. This is proven by other Laker fans that he has met and discussed basketball with, members such as Myers and DubC. Scrilla is another member who claims to be a Lakers fan but yet never actually watches any games nor has shown any true knowledge in regards to basketball.

It is assumed by many that LeBron James and the Miami Heat winning the 2012 was one of the worst nights of his life.  Magic has yet to confirm this, but it is likely untrue. Rather, he accepted the fact they were bound to win and Lebron needed to two other superstars to finally get it done.

Another thing he likes to do is call other users 'faggots', a word he himself got unbanned. He is quite easily the best poster on the forum and by far the best in the sports section taking home the 2012 American Sports Honour award which obviously makes him better than other posters that frequent the section such as JIM, mrmr, Flex, and lolnotorious.

It is rumored that Magic is the brother of Austin 101

Recently, the resident pot-head trainee doctor began suffering a bout of crippling depression when his idol, Kobe, snapped his ACL like a twig, ending any and all hopes the Lakers had for championship glory. With his butt severely hurt by it all, one must wonder if our little oriental canuck will ever be the same again.