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The official logo for Rantsamania IV (created by DUB)

Rantsamania IV took place on March 31st, 2012.  Rantsamania was the culmination of many feuds and beefs over the course of the year.  The main events were WrestlingForum Administrator Headliner taking on Ghetto Anthony in a Compton Street Fight and McQueen defending his Rantsamania Championship against STUFF.


Compton Street Fight: Headliner defeated Ghetto Anthony

Rantsamania Championship: (C) McQueen defeated STUFF

Marks of the Century: bboy defeated Rock316AE

NFL vs. EPL: EPL Thread defeated NFL Thread

GRUDGE MATCH: DUB defeated Josh


Losers Leave Rants: GOON and scrilla defeated P. Smith, guru of wrestling, and TheProof

Battle of the Banned: Nitemare defeated Cerbs

GRUDGE MATCH: Catalanotto defeated WALLS

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GRUDGE MATCH: JUPES defeated Dark Church

Critical ReceptionEdit

Overall, Rantsamnia IV was met with RAVE~! reviews.  Dave Meltzer called the Compton Street Fight between Headliner and Ghetto Anthony "the...uh...most violent match I think I'v

e ever seen."  He commended both Headliner and Ghetto Anthony on their blade jobs but also said "none of them could bleed like Ric Flair could bleed."  BIG DAVE was also a fan of the McQueen/STUFF match and DUB finally overcoming the odds and defeating Josh. 

This is where KeepItFresh should be mentioned for helping GhettoAnthony with a RAP song for this thing. Just beacuse KIF wasn't a member of WF at the time doesn't mean he wasn't involved. Give credit where it is do.

However, Big Dave wasn't a fan of the BULK/WAGG match, claiming that WAGG's workrate was "the dirt worst."  He also said that the JUPES/Dark Church match was a disaster.