The official logo for Rantsamania V (provided by DUB).

tsamania V is an upcoming event.  It is unknown as to when it will take place. It said to be one of the worst events in WrestlingForum history and will probably go down as one of scrilla's biggest failures, probably causing him to retire. Dub will make the graphics.


Rantsamania Championship Match: (C) McQueen vs. RUSH

Callout match: sXe Maverick vs. Roger Sterling

Battle of the Sports Section: Magic vs. Notorious

Team Liberty vs. Team Tyranny- GOON the Legend, Camille Punk, and Redead vs. Headliner, Kobra860, and Asenath

Freaks of WF Match: MillionDollarProns vs. WAGG

Team MAN U vs. Non-Man U: WOOLCOCK, Seabs, NoGimmicksNeeded, Vader 13, and T-C vs. 93:20, Shepard, Joel, Mikey Damage, and Chain Gang

Team Punk vs. Team Rock: Catalanotto, Evolution, Brye, scrilla, and Pyro vs. Rock316AE, Starbuck, Theproof, Icon vs. Icon, The-Rock-Says (mike009), and WrestlingForeverII


TNA King vs. WWE Mod: The Tony vs. KingCal

Jobber Tag Team Match: Team 11 (Anark, Revolver Snake, CMWit, BLACKANDRE, Sho'Nuff, Noyk, Meki, Mclovin it, and Striker) vs. Team 12 (BULLY, Ziggler Mark, Dunk20, DualShock, DwayneAustin, ROUSEY, AVRO, THE MIGHTY KRANG, and Glass Shatters).