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Rock16AE is in the background in his blue jacket, wondering why his idol ignored him.

Rock316AE is a poster on WrestlingForum who mainly posts in the WWE section.  He is mostly known for snapping at those who dare to say something negative about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  He considers those who speak about The Rock in a negative fashion are "infidels" and should be killed.  It is rumored that he was a fan of Marc Mero growing up, but switched to The Rock once he beat Triple H for the Intercontinental Championship on Monday Night Raw, thus making him a BANDWAGON ROCK FAN!  He has never addressed these rumors, thus making them true in the eyes of many.

Rock316AE was a top employee at a Pepperidge Farm factory after he dropped out of high school, but he was fired after suggesting that they create a product called "CookiePuss."  When he suggested it, the owner told him "It doesn't matter what you think" in a show of irony.  He has since bounced from job to job.  His last known employer was Arby's, but it was reported that he was fired for "disturbing the peace."

Rumored affair with RoxyBabe723Edit

In early 2013, it was reported that Rock316AE had an online affair with a woman who went by the name "RoxyBabe723."  She was an online stripper and members of WrestlingForum (including PRONS, who is rumored to be in a relationship with her as of April 6th, 2013) visited her website and warned her about the dangers of Rock316AE.  He allegedly purchased THOUSANDS of tokens to enter a chat with her, which is he talked about on his Twitter with the hashtag #TokensToAssholes.