Wade Barrett (aka Brother Barrett) is an English pro grappler who currently works for WWE.  He is widely believed to be the best wrestler in the world by those who know their pro graps.  He is the best promo man to walk the earth since Winston Churchill and the best in ring worker of all time.  Even Bret Hart was reported to give Wade Barrett's in ring and promo work a 10/10.  He is hated by some because they simply have no idea what they're talking about. 

He is hated mostly by a geek named THANOS, who claims that Wade Barrett stole his gimmick from some nerd named Chris Hero.  What THANOS doesn't realize is that people have been using their elbows in fights for centuries and Chris Hero was NOT the Neil Armstrong of elbow strikes.  Wade Barrett throws a better elbow than Chris Hero anyway and seeing as Chris Hero used to work for Ring of Honor, he doesn't matter in the grand scheme of life.

The Savior of Pro GrapsEdit

Posters like GOON and Pyro believe that Wade Barrett is the potential savior of pro graps and they are right in their beliefs.  Multiple focus groups have shown that Wade Barrett is the only man who has the potential to bring about another BOOM PERIOD, something nerds like The Roid, CM Punk, John Cena, and Sheamus have failed to do.  It is believed that once Wade Barrett reaches the promise land and becomes WWE Champion, ratings will skyrocket to the high 6's and the business will be saved.  Sadly, it is also believed that if this happens, he will just drop the belt to The Roid or John Cena at the very next show because those who run the business are stupid and do not understand the business.

On April 8th, 2013, (Brother) Wade Barrett defeated known Elitst Hollywood Leftist and confirmed SCUM The Miz to win back his Intercontinental Championship in a ***3/4 match.  Brother Barrett carried Miz to the best match of his otherwise shite career in this match.  This victory was said to be not only a beacon of light for Pro Graps, but a beacon of light and hope for the entire world.

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~People who understand the business.